Mummy & Me

Creative Dance Classes for Toddlers

Mummy & Me Classes introduce toddlers to movements with music – classes include gentle stretches, rhythmic exercises and basic dance skills such as hopping, skipping & running in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Parents are encouraged to participate alongside their children, this often takes the tension out of the students as they are seeing that it is okay to give everything a go – just like mummy!

Mummy & Me are a great opportunity for shy students as they still have their mummy in class with them to help. Of course it doesn’t have to be Mummy & Daughter, Dads, Sons & Grandparents are most welcome to come and join in as well.

We study Ballet, Jazz, Tap & some Singing in these classes and this is open to any children that are walking (normally one year old and above).


Pre-Tinies Ballet, Jazz & Tap

We offer Pre-Tinies to children aged 3 to 4 years.

In these classes they learn ballet, jazz & tap through different age appropriate themes using a number of props including scarves, musical instruments and princess crowns. Although the class is highly enjoyable for this age they are also learning correct technique to start their journey into the wonderful world of dance.


Tiny Tots Ballet, Jazz & Tap

We offer Tiny Tots classes to children between 4 & 5 years of age. The student needs to have already turned 4 prior to the 1st of January.

 In these classes they learn jazz, ballet & tap through themes each term using a number of different props, similar to the Pre-Tinies in that they are enjoyable yet still learning the correct technique but they are at a higher level and able to move on from the basics into the next stage of their dance journey.


Pre-Primary Jazz, Tap & Ballet

This is suitable for children between the ages of 5 & 6 years old. The student is required to have already turned 5 prior to the 1st of January.

In this class they begin learning Royal Academy of Dance Ballet, which brings them into a whole new area of ballet. They also do CSTD Modern Jazz Pre-Modern Syllabus and they learn the basics of Tap Dancing.


Primary Jazz, Tap & Ballet – Separate Classes Per Genre

This is suitable for children between the ages of 6 & 7 years old. The student is required to have already turned 6 prior to the 1st of January.

In this class they begin learning Royal Academy of Dance Ballet. They also learn CSTD Modern Jazz, Junior Modern Syllabus and GWT Level 1. In Primary they split into the type of dancing they are interested in and do the individual classes, the individual classes are also perfect for the students that wish to sit their examinations through the year.


For the next step in their Ballet, Jazz or Tap Journey please see the bottom of this page.


Hip Hop

We hold Hip Hop for Juniors and another class for Seniors. In this class we expose the students to a mixture of ATOD Syllabus work as well as open work to ensure they are getting the most out of this very popular style. Due to the complexity of Hip Hop we normally advise that students start this approx age six, however this is still dependent on ability and some students of younger age are sometimes capable.


Musical Theatre

A very popular genre, they incorporate singing with dance from broadway! This prepares the students for a career in Musical Theatre - from little shows to BIG shows!



We feel that drama is very important for students. Drama enables children to develop the confidence needed to perform. We contract in a wonderful drama teacher, Louisa Snelling from Drama Works! to take these classes.


Fun ‘n’ Funk

This is a fantastic class for all students – especially beginners that just want to come and learn some funky jazz and have a great time. These are kept fun and energetic all year round. This is also a great class for boys!



These classes are great for the classically trained and also students that just have a love of contemporary, we offer this for Juniors as well as for Senior students. We feel the earlier that contemporary is introduced the better students achieve in both contemporary & ballet. We study a mixture of CSTD Jason Winters Syllabus as well as open work.



This class is to teach you all the basics of acrobatics. We are equipped with Acro-Mats to aid in the flips, walk-overs and any other feat that Acrobatics covers! Our teacher is a senior gymnastics coach that incorporates dance into our very own arco syllabus.

Acrobatics is also very popular with the boys as well as the girls!

We have classes for all ages - Mini-Kids (from three years) Junior (from six years) Intermediate (from nine years) and Senior (from 11 years).


Stretching & Progressions

This is a class where stretching, strengthening as well as progression work is the focus. This class aims to improve the core strength of dancers, works on correct stretching techniques as well as concentrating on kicks, turns & leaps to build strength, height and perfect these extremely important techniques.


Pre-Pointe & Pointe

This class is for any student on pointe or aspiring to be on pointe. We go through all of the vocational grades pointe work as well as open work – also things such as correct fitting of pointe shoes are covered in this class.


Eisteddfod Work

Our Eisteddfod Squads are begun prior to Term 1 and run through to the end of Term 2. This is an invitation only team. The invites are based on a mixture of exam marks as well as dedication. We prefer students to have been with us a full dance year before taking on the commitment of an Eisteddfod Team as a general rule.

We also offer private lessons for Solos, Duos and Trios.



We hold our adults classes in Ballet, Jazz & Tap. They are all open to all abilities. We offer tap exams to our adults tap class as an option.

Adults are also welcome too try our other classes for seniors - Contemporary, Hip Hop or any Syllabus Classes.


Ballet – RAD

RAD Grades Pre-Primary through to Grade 5.

Higher Grades – Grade 6, 7 & 8 when in demand

Vocational Grades, Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced 2.


After that have a system for students who wish to begin their Teaching Certificates.


Jazz, Tap & Theatrical CSTD

We offer the Jazz Syllabus for all students, Pre-Modern Jazz through to Teacher's Diplomas

The Theatrical Syllabus from Tiny Tots A to Teachers Diplomas

The Tap Syllabus from Senior Bronze through to Teachers Diplomas when required - otherwise all of our students study GWT for tap.



We encourage all students to participate in GWT, we feel it’s the best tap syllabus around and produces the best tap dancers in the industry. We offer all grades for GWT including the up and coming Teachers Certificates.


Please contact us to have an enrolment package sent out to you, this will have a timetable for all classes available at Movements Academy of Dance

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